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I've been working on this project for almost two years. Musically, it’s different than anything I've ever done before.

Every track takes you on a journey, each telling a different story taken from my own musical journey and life experiences.

The album as a whole has three themes, all running in parallel. The order of the tracks evokes the passing of one day, from early morning to very late at night. At the same time, the order of the songs represents the four seasons of the year – starting with spring, passing through summer and autumn, and ending with winter.

The third and most important theme is the theme of love. The love of friendship, of family, of someone special. The love of a particular season or part of the world or time of day. The love of all cultures and colors of humanity. The love of a pet, of a nostalgic memory, or of the planets and stars.

All of the music is original and I’m playing every instrument in most cases: drums, piano, bass, synthesizers, ocean harp, percussion and vocals. On a few tracks, I used a Vocoder, a talkbox, and an amazing instrument called the guzheng. I also sampled sounds from things like vinyl records, cassettes, retro video games, nature, and even a radio show that my grandfather did in the 1940s.

Some tracks also feature guest artists. Several singers and rappers contributed their amazing voices, and more than ten instrumental musicians contributed their talents.

The amazing album artwork for this project was created by my cousin Alex Williams. Every track name is represented in the artwork.

This project is a very personal statement for me, but its themes of time and place and love are themes that everyone can relate to. I'm so excited to share this project with the world, and I hope it has a positive and emotional impact on everyone who listens.

Little Blue Planet in Great Need of Care

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