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George Heid III

Drummer, Composer, Percussionist



Wisdom Path was inspired by my experiences traveling and living around the world and from a transcendent encounter meeting and collaborating with Steve Shehan, percussionist master and long-time musical hero. My goal was to record exceptional musicians from around the world and bring their sounds together to create one worldly sound while maintaining respect for each culture. Wisdom Path features

Steve Shehan, Warren Wolf,

Victor Provost, Joe “Sonny” Barbato, Benny Benack III, Brett Williams and more!



In this fast and constantly changing planet some souls are meant to listen, search, learn and offer the understanding of the endless span of beauty they will encounter. 


George has such a soul and a heart, and above all, ears. He will construct an architecture of elegant music blending the ingredients of universal collective memory through rhythms, melodies and textures collected worldwide. He has some of the seeds we need to enjoy his journey and discover his unique path.


Steve Shehan

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